Did you just search “real estate photographer near me”? Wondering where you will get the best? Tanner Henvey is at your service with his excellent skills and short turn-around time! Reach out today for high quality portrait photos in Lynchburg, VA.

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Are you sick and tired of working with inexperienced photographers that deliver poorly edited photos? You’re in luck! Tanner Henvey has what it takes to deliver high-quality portrait photos every time.

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Need a great real estate photographer as you list your home in Lynchburg, VA? Tanner Henvey is an experienced photographer who offers a variety of styles and showcases the very best elements of your house. You are sure to get those buyers’ attention in no time!

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a year ago
Tanner is such a fun personality to work with. He’s encouraging, makes you feel comfortable, and great with a camera. I loved working with him and will be using him again in the future!
- Jared P
a year ago
Working with tanner Henvey photography was such a fun experience! He’s a really amazing photographer and photo editor. Highly recommend for all your photography needs
- Hayatt N
a year ago
Tanner has such a great artistic ability with the camera. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have taken my pictures. He’s taken my pictures for the last few years and I would recommend him to anyone.
- Natasha M

My Professional Photography Services

Pictures are used for a variety of purposes, and it is always good to go for the best professional photography services. You shouldn't settle for low-quality images as they could derail your marketing campaign, spoil your most cherished moments and have many other bad implications depending on what you wanted to use them for. I offer top-notch professional photography services suited to all your needs and have services depending on what you want.

  • Do you need a family portrait taken?
  • A product photo for your website?
  • A picture of your new real estate investment or for your sale listings? 

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be very challenging depending on many factors. The primary goal of portrait photography is to capture an individual’s personality. I am experienced in capturing images that appear natural and bring out an individual’s personality. I have custom solutions for all your portrait photography needs and will pick a perfect location, set the lighting and take the portrait based on what suits your character.

Wedding and Engagement Photography

Weddings and engagements are important events that people live to remember. It is in the best interest of the parties involves that these events are captured well so that the pictures can give them a perfect memory every time they view them. Wedding photography is particularly tricky due to the dynamics surrounding these events and the various challenges that one faces photographing the right moments in the best way possible. I am a professional that has a portfolio of wedding photography to prove that I can capture your moment for a lifetime of reflection.

Contact Tanner Henvey for all your wedding and engagement photography needs. I have experience with these occasions and will be in place to photograph them in the best way possible. I'll be sure to know the event schedule and will know where to be and at what time so that I can be on hand to capture your memorable moments that you will live to cherish. All you need to do is tell me about your event beforehand and explain your expectations, and I will handle the rest.

Real Estate and Landscape Photography 

Have you ever looked at all the fantastic images of homes and interior spaces and wondered how they were taken? How were the rooms made to appear so spacious? How do you make a home seem to be so presentable even if someone lives in it? If these questions are lingering on your mind, look no further as I have the best solution for you.

I'm adept at real estate photography and understand that it is an entirely different part of professional photography that calls for a different approach. I'll prepare for the shoot and select the lenses that are needed to capture the best real estate photos. Your real estate listings and advertisements will be sharper than ever before. Eye-catching photos are vital to generating interest for your real estate, and I'll help you achieve the desired attention.

Landscape photography is equally important if you want clients to have a clear view of the place you are advertising. A perfect landscape image will significantly complement real estate photos and increase the chances of selling it faster. Landscape photography offers unique challenges as well, and you need to ensure that the details of the natural formations that define the area are highlighted well.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is a perfect opportunity to capture a glowing mother before their beloved baby arrives. It gives her the chance to remember when her womb was still full with her baby years after they grow up and even become adults. This is a very tricky part of professional photography since expectant mothers are sensitive and one needs to ensure that they are comfortable during the photo shoot. Prior planning is essential, and as much as one might want to get crazy with poses, no one wants to disturb the peaceful unborn baby. These photos are captured with the most natural poses, and expectant mothers are not restricted to any pose. Keep in mind that maternity photography is all about that bump and pregnant mothers should pick an outfit that highlights the bump, in a good way. Fortunately I have a few suggestions for such photo shoots and you can always ask for guidance if you need help picking the right one.

Newborn Photography

Proud new mothers always want to capture their newborn's portrait and I provide newborn photography services as well. The newborn subject is typically less than two weeks old, and I'll capture these beautiful moments now before your child grows and the memory of that sweet, tiny baby begins to fade. Safety is vital with newborn photography, and you will act as the assistant and hold your baby while I photograph him or her in your desired poses.

Baby Photography

Baby photography is done when they have grown a bit, and this is (sometimes) easier since the child can stand and crawl. Parents won’t have to do as much work as when they were only a few weeks old and babies can easily be made to laugh for the portraits to come out perfectly. And who doesn't love a perfect snapshot of a giggling baby?

If you need any of the mentioned professional photography services, reach out to Tanner Henvey Photography, located in Lynchburg, Virginia. I'm happy to listen to your needs and do my best to capture the perfect images. Contact me today.

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